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5 Pieces Multifunctional Pet Hair Comb Flea and Tear Stain Removal

5 Pieces Multifunctional Pet Hair Comb Flea and Tear Stain Removal

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Goodbye Tear Stains
Are you still grappling with your canine's persistent tear staining, matting, and tangling? Our pet comb offers an ideal solution to alleviate your concerns.

"Our PET COMB is uniquely made to effortlessly eliminate tangled hair, tear stains, food particles, and stubborn fleas. Its slim, fine steel bristles enable deep penetration into your pet's fur, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient grooming session."

METAL PET COMB: Eliminates tangles, mats, and loose hair. Aids blood circulation and skin massage. Robust steel teeth flea comb allows easy floating hair removal and tear stain prevention in dogs.

COMFORTABLE & SAFE: Rounded pin ends ensure gentle use on skin, while grooming and massaging for a healthy coat. Prevents snagging and pet injury.

STURDY & DURABLE: Stainless steel teeth withstand long-term wear and tear and are easy to clean with a quick rinse.


  • Keep your pet healthy and pest-free by using our Pet Comb.
  • Easily remove tear stains, tangled hair, food debris, ticks, and fleas.
  • Thin steel needles penetrate deep into your pet's fur for detailed grooming, ensuring your pet always looks their best.
  • Suitable for all pets, whether long-haired or short-haired.

Quantity: 5 pieces
Size: as pictures show
Color: as pictures show
Material: plastic and stainless steel

Package includes:
3 x Dog stain remover combs
2 x Long grip dog combs


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