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Catnip Balls Toy for Cats

Catnip Balls Toy for Cats

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Teeth Cleaning Catmint Toy for Cat

Catnip toy ball is made of pure natural plant extracts without chemical additives. The purpose is to keep cats healthy and happy, help relieve cats’ fatigue and depression, stimulate appetite, improve digestion and excrete hairballs.Catnip Edible Balls

Catnip ball is made of Silvervine, Gallbladder, Catnip, and cat granulated sugar.

The material is safe and good for health. Can improve cat's appetite, plant fiber can promote cat's bowel movement. Remove the dirt on the teeth, make the teeth fresh, and can add various trace elements. Cats, lower cat cholesterol and enhance their immunity.

Enhance appetite:

It can help cats to spit out intestinal hair adhering to the digestive tract and other impurities, thereby making the gastrointestinal tract healthier and enhancing appetite.

Molar and clean teeth:

Keep fresh breath, cat can achieve the purpose of cleaning the mouth during use and protect oral health.This cat candy will stimulate the excitement of the cat and help the cat to lick the hair on his stomach.

Eliminate boredom:

The variety of flavors ensures that your cat will like it. Your cat will be attracted by smell, rubbing, licking, rolling, etc. Improve their mood and make the cat closer to the owner.


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